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bohemian squalor

tramps o poverty

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You should know that if you're a gal seeking a house with Palladian windows and all your silverware matches, this is not the place for you.
If you are, on the otherhand, using your grandmamma's silver for
everyday, because you're too poor to buy decent flatware?

C'mon over and play.

a mysterious past, artful living, bare feet, bereft, blues, bohemian squalor, bottle glass, broke, clothes-lines, cowboy junkies, dairy queen, damsel in distress, darkness, desolation, desperation, dirt roads, dumb luck, dustbowl days, flies, gossip, grapes of wrath, hard luck, harlots, harper lee, hot tin roofs, hothouse flowers, jazz, lawn chairs, leaning into doorways, lemonade, loose women and catholics, love at the five-and-dime, luck, men named daddy, mimosas, no air conditioning, pandering, piggly wiggly, potato salad, quaint, road to nowhere, screen doors, seducing the paper boy, small town, soulful, soup line, southern culture, southern gothic, stories about mama, streetcars, sultry, supine, swelter, tall dark strangers, the hot poverty slip, the last picture show, the pink slip, tomato sandwiches, town tramps, townes van zandt, trailers, train tracks, trains, trashy, wilting, winn-dixie, women down-on-their luck, wood floors