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Madam and the Phone Bill ~Langston Hughes~ You say I O.K.ed…

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Madam and the Phone Bill
~Langston Hughes~

You say I O.K.ed


O.K.ed it when?

My goodness, Central

That was then!

I'm mad and disgusted

With that Negro now.

I don't pay no REVERSED

CHARGES nohow.

You say, I will pay it--

Else you'll take out my phone?

You better let

My phone alone.

I didn't ask him

To telephone me.

Roscoe knows darn well


Ain't free.

If I ever catch him,

Lawd, have pity!

Calling me up

From Kansas City.

Just to say he loves me!

I knowed that was so.

Why didn't he tell me some'n

I don't know?

For instance, what can

Them other girls do

That Alberta K. Johnson

Can't do--and more, too?

What's that, Central?

You say you don't care

Nothing about my

Private affair?

Well, even less about your

PHONE BILL, does I care!

Un-humm-m! . . . Yes!

You say I gave my O.K.?

Well, that O.K. you may keep--

But I sure ain't gonna pay!
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On June 29th, 2006 02:43 am (UTC), misslam2u commented:
Love it, love it, LOOOOOOVE it.
Hughes was simply brill.
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