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Comfort food

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I can think up fancy schmancy restaurant food all day long. I can feed dignataries and luminaries and people too impressed with their own image food that will dazzle thair eyes and tongues. I can be very French and play with the food until it stands up and does tricks.

But what I really want to feed people is soul food. Stuff your Big Mama would have put down on the table on Sunday mornings. If'n you had a Big Mama. Big fat golden biscuits with peppery gravy and migas with homemade salsa (if your Big Mama was an Abuelita). Or those eggy crepe-y pancakes with apple butter spiked with cloves and earthy smoked sausages if your Big Mama was an Oma.

OR-a Bloody Mary or mimosa if your favorite old lady was Auntie Pat who lived in Houston and hated kids(except me)and went around with "oil executives" who looked amazingly like gangsters from 30's black and white movies. I'm pretty sure all Auntie Pat new of childhood was being poor and hungry and wearing rags and wondering how the HELL she was going to get out of the backside of town (Lafayette, Louisiana).

I'm hope my children will always think of their childhoods with the clove and biscuit part and not the backside of town part.

Love and chocolate eggs~lee
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